Environmental Inventory

This was a project I did back in my undergrad in 2016. It involved the collection of various characteristics and attributes found within the Freeman Ranch area in San Marcos. These characteristics ranged from geographical and geological to cultural and historical features. This was a fun and insightful project and it helped me understand many different characteristics of a location. This project also allowed me to explore many data collection methods that ranged from taking measurements in the field to online data collection.


  • What was required of the project.
  • What kind of information was required.
  • The resulting writeup.


For my field methods class, one of the biggest projects we had was to conduct an environmental inventory of a part of the Freeman Ranch area found in San Marcos, TX. Freeman Ranch large plot of land that contains a variety of activities and opportunities for students and classes. Our task was to divide into groups and conduct a survey which would fully encompass most characteristics of the area. Our findings would include:

• Site Description

• Natural Environment

• Geology and Landforms

• Climate

• Land Use Inventory

Environmental Inventory Data

The site description only required basic geographic information such as location (latitude/longitude) and ownership. The next few parts were a little more difficult as they encompassed many subcategories and required extensive web searching or field work. At one point we did go out to collect hydrology data from a well, along with some elevation measurements. These sections, sites hosted by FEMA, NOAA, or the TCEQ were useful. The Land use Inventory was interesting as it went over aspects like endangered species and cultural/historical activities. Below are some basic maps detailing the site location.


This was a fun project as it required collecting various types of data and some field work. There are a few changes I would make, possible with some of the maps and figures, and overall visualization of the write up. Otherwise I gained a great deal of perspective from the project!